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October 20, 2017

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Posted by: TuckerJ - Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Posted by: TuckerJ - Friday, August 18, 2017

Proceeds from all sales will be donated to the Nichole Christensen Scholarship Fund

All Shirts are $20, Please add $2 for any size XXL and up. Shirts come in a men’s or women’s style.

Proceeds will go to start a Memorial Scholarship fund for students wanting to go into Crime Lab Forensics’. The goal is to sell 200 shirts.

Order to be placed September 13th, and available for pickup by October 2nd. Please download and print the order form, and submit it with your payment to Howard Schultz or Scott Pasini at 38 East. Cash or check accepted, if paying with a check make payable to Howard Schultz or Scott Pasini. Checks will be cashed once the order has been placed.


Posted by: TuckerJ - Thursday, June 08, 2017

A couple of house keeping items.

The motion to reimburse members that choose to camp at Groveland Oaks on the weekend of the picnic was erroneously posted on the front page and elsewhere. That motion DID NOT pass muster and was voted down at the last General Membership meeting. (see minutes for details).

The picnic, however, is still on. Saturday June 17th at Groveland Oaks. Paradise Island. Please tell the front gate people you are with the OCDSA and they will let you in.

Fall bump…. Will take place in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, that being the closest shift change date to October 1st. The plan is, however, to implement the electronic on line bump in August/September in order to work out the kinks.

We will still be sending out paper bump slips as a backup and confirmation. We are still getting some last minute details together for the launch. Please stand by and watch for communications about this event. It will be vitally important that you participate in the “experimental” phase and use correct and accurate information.

There are NO general membership meetings throughout the summer. The next GM meeting will be the last Tuesday of September; the 26th to be exact.

The EB plans on sending the employer a letter demanding collective bargaining shortly after the first of the year. Seems a long way off; its not. If you have contract suggestions, please forward them to an EB member.

Some of you may have heard the rumor about a 3% pay raise in January. I can only offer that it is indeed in the governmental works at the commissioner’s auditorium. Keep your fingers crossed.

10/12 hours shift for command officers. It’s what I have been hearing. I will go out on a limb and say that those opportunities are still on the table for us, albeit a bit more complicated. There is NO press to do this…simply putting it out there to squash any rumors running around. There is NO plan among the OCDSA currently.

Thanks for listening … Have a great summer!!!! b.c.

Posted by: TuckerJ - Wednesday, May 10, 2017



All sheriff's office employees are invited, and there's free park admission.  Just tell them you're with the Sheriff's Office!


Posted by: TuckerJ - Thursday, February 23, 2017

A fellow deputy has lost everything including her dog in a tragic apartment fire. Deputy Boyd is forced to start from the bottom and has absolutely nothing but the clothes on her back. Any amount of money would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your generous donations. Please keep her in your prayers!
Help spread the word!

Thanks to everyone who has donated thus far!

Posted by: TuckerJ - Monday, December 05, 2016

The games have begun in earnest.  This was forwarded to me from our brother/sister firefighters union. They are very active in Lansing and are working closely with DSAM, FOP, etc.

This is all bull shit, and its all likely to pass muster in both the house and senate. You may note the specific inclusion in baring 312 for negociating or better, removing it as a mandatory subject of bargaining.  This, in my opinion, is not a knee jerk reaction. This has been thought out and not its going to get jammed down our throats.

Its not too late to contact your reps and senators!

legislation update:

There were 13 bills introduced today (November 30th) that in one way or another deal with retiree health care reform.  Four of which, are the main bills with 9 other trailer bills.  Below is the summary of each main bill.  We don’t have bill numbers yet but we will send them out as soon as they are public.

HB 16-XXXX – New Act titled “Local unit of government retirement act”-

  • For new public employees hired after May 1, 2017, local governments will no longer be able to offer retiree health care as a benefit.  They will only be able to place NOT more that 2% of base wage, into a tax deferred account for the purpose of purchasing retire health care on their own when they retire.
  • Current Employees & Current Retirees - If a local government’s retiree health care liability (OPEB) is less than 80% funded then the municipality can only pay up to 80% of the healthcare premium for retiree health care.  There are no limitations on what type of plan a municipality can offer. And this will apply to all current retirees no matter how long they have been retired.
  • Anyone eligible for Medicare will be required to enroll and furthermore, the local government can only pay up to 80% of any supplemental plan offered.
  • This next clause is not very clear and will require a legal interpretation:
    • “If a collective bargaining agreement entered into before the date this act is enacted into law clearly and expressly confers a fixed, unalterable right to a vested retirement health benefit for an unambiguous duration, this act does not impair that vested retirement health benefit for that duration.”
  • Local governments will not be allowed to offer or provide “any other retirement health benefit to a member, past member or retiree health dependent.”
  • If a local government chooses to not comply with this law they can be sued in civil court and fined “not less than $5000 and not more than $12,500 for each violation”

HB 16-XXXX – OPEB Transparency Bill –

*Would amend PA 314

* Local government would have to submit an annual summary report to Treasury detailing their funding level of their post-employment health care benefits.

* Treasury will place all information online just like the current requirement for Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR).

* If a community is below 60% funded in either pension or healthcare the muni must inform treasury of their plan to improve funding.

HB 16-XXXX – Reforms the Public Employee Relations Act (PERA) bill –

* Retiree healthcare will be a “PROHIBITED” subject of bargaining.

HB 16-XXXX - Reforms PA 312 (Binding arbitration for fire and police)-

Attached you find letters from the County Executive, Sheriff Bouchard and a Call to Action from POAM.
I have many things to say about these bills, none of it is good.  Although it appears that as long as a particular unit of government remains at or above 80% funded, there is not too much to worry about.  I do NOT share in that mind set.
As a matter of talking points, our retiree health care is based on the Oakland County Merit System.  We adopted that by reference some years ago.  That means any changes in that document must be bargained for with the OCDSA.  If you read the bill language as written, it bars PA312 from retiree health as a bargaining issue.  It is silent for everyone else...
Regardless, this is yet another attempt to defrock the very thread of society...cops, firemen and teachers.
I think the County Executive and Sheriff outline quite nicely.
Please stay tuned for updates.

December 1, 2016


To all Sheriff’s Office Employees:

I write to you about legislation that was introduced in the Michigan Legislature this week concerning retiree healthcare benefits of public employees. This 13-bill package contains short-sighted proposals designed to go after underfunded retiree programs but drag everyone into mess. The proposed changes will have adverse effects on Oakland County employees and I am in steadfast opposition to what has been laid out in these bills.

Oakland County retiree healthcare is currently funded at 124% funded and has been well-managed. These bills are attempt to bailout mismanaged entities and punish those who have been fiscally responsible. In House Bill 6074, any active or retired employee who were before 1989 have a retiree health care benefit which includes a 100% county payment for Medicare part B supplement. The proposed bill limits that payment to 80% going forward. For us, this is a solution in search of a problem.

Further, I have concerns over the proposed 2% of base salary cap on local government HSA contributions. This is not a sufficient benefit to any first responder and is unacceptable for Oakland County, which has prided itself on making sure that retiree health care provided the best benefits to its employees.

The ramifications of this legislation will have a devastating effect on future new hires and will severely stunt recruiting efforts. Recently, law enforcement has been facing issues with recruiting top talent and retaining them for their forces. This legislation will only make this more difficult for our agency and agencies around the state to add high quality police officers to its streets.

I encourage you to contact your State Representatives and State Senators and ask them on behalf of Oakland County, on behalf of law enforcement, and on behalf of you to strongly oppose this package of bills as introduced.

As the Sheriff, I am working closely with the Oakland County Executive’s Office to make sure that bad legislation does affect the good policies and great employees of our county.


Sheriff Michael J. Bouchard


The OCDSA is going to rent busses to go to the rally in Lansing.  The bus(es) will leave at 0700 from 38E.

Its free!

I need RSVP's in order to get an idea of how many people are going.

If you have friends at other PD's and/or FD's....they are welcome to come as well, based on space available.

Please make an effort to go!

Please make your email short ....

first and last name

affiliation  ie. OCSO, Ferndale PD...yes, I know many of you but don't assume that I know you are OCSO.

Posted by: TuckerJ - Thursday, November 03, 2016

Corrections Contract votes:  
168 YES / 21 NO

Road Contract votes:
212 YES / 55 NO

Posted by: TuckerJ - Tuesday, October 18, 2016

We are still in a short holding pattern as to the final resolution/offers from the employer, and by that term, I mean the County, not the Sheriff's Office.  It would appear that they are waiting for the vote being conducted by the Command Officers Association.  Those votes are due to be counted on or before the 18th.  Its anticipated that the OCDSA will meet with the Employer shortly thereafter.

There will be meeting(s) scheduled and documents will be shared via this email system.  I will NOT speculate on anything as even the T/A's are up in the air at this point. The goal being to educate the membership to the extent possible.

We have advised the employer, through our legal counsel that there will be NO rush to a vote and expressed that the earliest we would conduct any ratification vote would be the first week in November.  This will give the EB plenty of time to disseminate the material for both contracts and exactly what you will be voting on.

On a side note.  Less than 1/3 of corrections members are signed up for emails.  Please, one more time, encourage your co-workers to get on board.  In general, out of over 715 members, I have just under 500 emails.

Thanks very much!!!!


Posted by: TuckerJ - Tuesday, October 04, 2016
Nominations for Executive Board members will be taken at the October 25th General Membership meeting.  Elections will be held in December.  For more information, please come to the October 25th General Membership meeting and participate in discussions and nominations, or contact an Executive Board member.

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