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May 27, 2018

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Posted by: TuckerJ - Friday, April 27, 2018

Negotiations with the county went well this morning. We have all but T/A’d a number of items; almostall of them KRONOS related. We still have a few loose ends to tie up. The good news is that the “BB” or“not counted as a hire” mode is getting turned back on whereby it is protecting the work locations rule.  Not sure why it ever got turned off in the first place.

The KRONOS language is going to mirror thecurrent system of bidding for overtime…in fact it’s going to have some better language to preventmanipulation of the system in general. There have been some instances where the system is notworking or has made mistakes. Those are being addressed as they happen and by and large get takencare of forthwith.

DTE, Meadowbrook and Ren Fen will all have their own “bucket” and you can sign upfor those individually. We are also addressing the issue of certified members, outside the Road Patrol,being able to sign up for all three. Many thanks to the members who showed up at last night’s meetingto express their concerns etc. Except you, Mackie, you’re always a pain!!!

The OCDSA has purchased a suite for the upcoming “battle of the badges” soft ball game on May 16 th .There are 15 pairs of tickets. Please submit your name and work location if you are interested inentering the drawing. We will give the 2 tickets to 15 members selected at random. You must be amember in good other words caught up on your dues. Submit entries PLEASE SUBMIT NOT LATER THAN MAY 4 TH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dep. Brandon Liddell has started THE OFFICIAL OCDSA face book page. This is a trial period andhopefully an additional method of getting information out to the membership. Please sign in/on/up viaFacebook if you are interested.Don’t forget ……….UNION PICNIC June 23 rd at Groveland Oaks County Park.

Posted by: TuckerJ - Monday, April 09, 2018

There are a lot of misguided and frivolous rumors out there….again.

By now everyone should be able to log into their Prudential accounts.  Please pay close attention as the “matching” funds are now in what was your ICMA account.  It’s a bit of a learning curve to navigate through the system.  As always…if you have questions do NOT rely on locker room talk.  Call Capt. Childs or a rep. from the county and of course Prudential itself.  Take notes about what you are being told.

There will be an agenda item asking for the approval to finance a member that will attend each and every retirement board meeting.  It will require a firm understanding of 401K etc.  I know that there are  members out there…feel free to drop me a line if you are interested.

Contract negotiations…..surprisingly the second meeting went well.  The OCDSA presented our requested non-economic contract language changes/additions.  You might have guessed that the lions share involved KRONOS.  In a word…arduous…since this is all brand new and not everyone is totally conforming to and/or using the system it makes it difficult to work out the bugs.  We are attempting to make KRONOS mirror the current contract either specifically or procedurally.  There are somethings that are done and are NOT in the contract language.  Even though they have been done for some time it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a concrete issue.  The EB is attempting to close up those loop holes and cement those items into our CBA.

Procedurally there was no intent on the Sheriff’s Office to usurp what we have been doing all along.  It wasn’t until recently that we discovered that OT hires were not being counted and in some cases were being counted for purposes of equalization.  In other words- either not uniformly or in violation of the current CBA; Corrections appears to have worked out the bugs and the road is slowly doing the same.

If you have an opinion one way or the other as to how hires are counted….either across the board or location specific, I’d like to hear from you and your rational for your input.

Currently KRONOS is only recognizing a hire is a hire. (absent the location rule)  We are working with management to change that based on what the membership wants to do.  I know that there are arguments both ways.  I, personally, want to give each member to have as many bites at the apple by whatever means possible.

Those new members that are not authorized to perform hospital watches…stand by…in the next couple of weeks you will be getting notified about a short block of training that you will need to complete in order to be considered hirable for those details.  In the short term, not much we can do about getting you through the corrections academy.  We are looking at the fall at the earliest.

Vice-President Mike Garrison has decided to hang up the leash and retire.  I want to personally thank him for his dedicated service to this Union.  Mike has steered the road through some tough times and has been an absolute asset to me and this organization.  As a result of his retirement I sought interest from the membership.  The EB discussed the applicants and opted to bring Ken Hiller on board as the interim VP-Road.  Ken brings quite a bit of experience and can and will hit the ground running.  Those that applied, I thank you also for your interest and continued support.

Dep. Liddel is working on getting a facebook page together that will be a “read only.”  Hopefully this will get information out to the membership even quicker than emails.

Next GM meeting is April 24th.

Summer picnic June 23rd!!!!!!

More updates as they become available.

Posted by: TuckerJ - Thursday, March 15, 2018
Please be advised that Vice-President Mike Garrison is hanging up his shootin' irons and will be retiring at the end of April.
His retirement will create a vacancy on the EB in the form of Vice-President Road Patrol.  The EB is soliciting letters of interest for this position.
If you are interested- submit a brief, one page, letter to this address, attention EB.  Please tell us why you should be appointed.  You MUST be a member of the road patrol, IFS, or Dispatch in order to be considered.
Thanks very much for you interest!!!

Posted by: TuckerJ - Thursday, March 08, 2018

I apologize for the delay in getting this information out to each of you.

By now you should have gotten a couple of letters from the employer and/or the Oakland County Retirement Board.

All of this information is vitally important and you absolutely need to read them thoroughly.  There are also a number of meeting dates, times and locations throughout the coming days.  You should make every possible attempt to attend one of these.  Additionally, if you have a person managing your accounts, make them aware of what is going on.  There could be a substantial changes in your respective account(s).

None of this information should be taken as gospel.  I have tried to encapsulate a lot of information for ease of reading.  I fully admit I may have missed something.

The bottom line is this.  The OC retirement board, separate from county government (take that however you’d like) is required to place the management company(ies) out for bids every 5 years…its been 6.  11 companies returned offers via the RFP.  Those were narrowed down to 4 and finally to Prudential.

Some of the rationale according to the OCRB –

  1. Easier to manage with both your 401k and your 457 (deferred)
  2. Cost savings as it relates to service fees (see below)
  3. Transparent fees (as opposed to ICMA and Fidelity having hidden ones)
  4. Technologically better…not sure exactly what that meant…


We were told by representatives from the employer that based on 100,000 account balance you would have been paying upwards of $165.00 per year.  Prudential will only be charging $29.00.  Obviously, the more dough you have the more you are going to be paying in service fees.  We are told that its far less than what ICMA was charging as well as Fidelity.

IMPORTANT DATE(s)- Last chance to do anything with ICMA or Fidelity March 25th at 4pm and continuing until April 6th.  That time frame, referred to as a “quiet time” is actually better described as a black outdate…You will NOT get to doing anything with your accounts.  ZERO.

Loans will automatically transfer over and ….we are told … you won’t have to do anything.

Loans will still be available under the same guidelines and rules.

Defaulted loans will still be on the books.

You will have to change passwords and set up your accounts through Prudential.  That information will supposedly becoming out shortly..ahemm.

Retiree’s checks/deposits will be processed earlier than normal.  There will be no interruption.

Greystone is the new contracted company that acts as advisors etc.  There is allegedly no cost to members for using them.

OCRB retains the right to cancel this contract with Prudential with a 30 day notice.

HSA accounts- Managed by a contracted company through Prudential.  Some mumbo jumbo about not being able to manage both types of accounts.

Members of the OCDSA EB met with reps from the county, namely Ms. Silvia Frank as well as Capt. Curtis Childs. Capt. Childs serves on the retirement board.  Det. Rami Abi-Adal also was present for both meetings. Rami brought quite a bit of knowledge and asked some very tough questions.  Just as recent as yesterday, we were able to get Prudential to lower the trading fees significantly. This would apply if you are an advanced trader; in other words equities and swing trading as examples.  This has nothing to do with how the average member does things with their accounts.  If you have questions regarding this I would encourage you to reach out to Rami.

Fund transfers-  In an attempt to put this in its simplest form. There is a chance that some of your specific plans… Acme123GFY plan (that’s not a real one) that you currently have might not be managed by Prudential.  When the switch gets thrown those $$$ will get put into a “similar” fund.  Red delicious into a granny smith fund if you will.  This is important as you may want to fine tune where your money is going.

Please don’t be insulted by this…but after fielding a number of calls and talking to people personally, I am shocked and quiet honestly saddened by two things.

  1. There are still many of you that are not taking advantage of the Deferred Comp program.  You are throwing away, at a very minimum, $1000.00 a year in county matching funds.  The minimum deduction is $25.00 a pay…that equates to about 20.00 as it is pre-tax.  I know some of you younger types don’t think it’s needed.  I strongly suggest that you reconsider.


  1. You are not having someone look at your investments.  START!!!!!!!!! Find someone who knows what they are doing and not necessarily who the OCRB offers.  Many of you are just putting your money in something that “sounds good” or “that’s what  Joe does”  I beg of you to have your accounts reviewed.  The OCDSA doesn’t recommend anyone specifically.  I will tell you that Angela Cusmano spends a lot of time with many of our members.  Her information is on the OCDSA web site.  There are many more out there…anyone who does this and is worth their salt will NOT charge you anything upfront and many don’t charge you anything until you actually begin to withdrawal upon retirement.

Moving forward, the OCDSA is going to take a more pro-active approach to the goings on at the retirement board level.  More on this as it develops.

As always…stay tuned for updates, retirement issues our others.

Thanks for reading!!!


Here is the link to the changeover information etc.

Posted by: TuckerJ - Tuesday, March 06, 2018

The EB met with the employer and representatives from the Sheriff’s Office for a kick off meeting regarding negotiations.  We set future dates for the non-economic issues facing all three parties.  I believe we will get through those in very short order…KRONOS is a big one and there are some other non-descript items that are simply tightening up already existing language.

Most of you have heard about Dep. Kangas’ unfortunate injury.  Below is the link to a go fund me page.  Please consider making a donation.  Tom is facing a rather difficult and lengthy recovery time and process.

To that end and also attached is a flyer from AFLAC regarding a new policy that is available.  Whether your choose AFLAC or another company, and in my opinion, you should absolutely have supplemental insurance.  Anyone of us that has been on WKM or STD knows that it can be devastating financially.


Posted by: TuckerJ - Thursday, February 22, 2018
A very quick update on how the OCDSA is proceeding with the "new retirement" issue.  The EB, though its president, has been promised an independent meeting with some of the power brokers.  The plan is, at least at this point, is to have some professionals join us at this meeting.  Currently, Ms. Cusmano and Mr. Darling will be attending.  If you have another person(s) whom you think would be good to attend, please advise me ASAP.  As before, Capt. Childs is the ad hoc representative for the OCSO.
I have voiced my concern about rank and file calling a command officer and raising hell.  Nevertheless, I would encourage you to contact him if you have questions in the immediate sense.
Needless to say I have heard all I need to and until I have some questions answered I'm not happy about it.
Since no one person can anticipate every question or every situation I implore upon you to send me those questions.
More as it develops.

Posted by: TuckerJ - Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I don’t remember when I started publishing a “State of the Union” letter, seems forever ago.  Nevertheless there are always new topics to talk about and of course many of the same.

2017 was tragic for virtually all of us, both within and outside of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.  We lost a Hero, a brother and many more things.  Eric was one the finest human beings I have had the pleasure to meet.

Nearly as tragic is our Brother injured in Rochester Hills while directing traffic.  Dave continues to make headway but has a long way to go.  As recently as this last Sunday a fund raiser was held at the Shark Club.  Nearly 60K was raised for him and his family.  If you get the chance to patronize the Shark club, please do.  Boomer (owner) spares no expense when it comes to taking care of us.  She will kill me for this; none of this could have been possible without the dedication of Shannon Giffin.  She is instrumental in getting these events organized and launched.  There are many, many more who helped and they too should be thanked.  If you get the opportunity…give ‘em a hug or two.

As time passes the wounds tend to heal but the scars will remain.  You will often think of Eric and he will remind you to be safe, take an extra second or two.

As we enter 2018 and prepare for contract negotiations I am reminded of how fast time goes, this will be my 10 year in Union office and I will reach my 30th year of tenue in the Sheriff’s Office.  When I hired in there were less than 200 members in the OCDSA there are well over 700 today.  I have seen changes that I never thought possible.  Most have been good to very good.   As with anything bumps in the road happen.

We are in the soundest financial shape the OCDSA has ever been in.  Oddly enough, the employer knows that and I am quite certain it means something to them.  Even with the out pouring of capital to improve the Union Hall; the member’s only area and various charitable expenditures we continue to see increases on our balance sheet each month.  Please stay tuned for the grand opening of the members only area.  It’s been delayed due to the bathrooms not being finished.

Sgt. Kronos

Uhhgg…what can I say other than we will have to embrace the suck for a bit longer.  Capt. Childs continues to listen to the issues, most recently putting in for OT; late calls and the like.  He has modified this so it’s not quite so cumbersome.  He is also working on the 16 hour requirement for submission of any OT.  Please be patient, some more, until the kinks get worked out.  As before, you are authorized direct contact with Capt. Childs with suggestions and complaints.

Spring shift bump

It’s coming soon to a sub-station/work location near you.  April 14th!!!!!  Slips will be out shortly.  See your respective VP for details or Boomer in dispatch.  Contrary to rumor mill…we will NOT be letting Kronos do it for us.  Although I’d very much like to see it web based, that appears to be the elephant in the room. I guess somethings will always be done on paper.

Another Busy Summer on Tap

As of this writing it appears that this summer will just as busy and the Bone O’ Phone will be ringing.  The jury is still out on whether or not we will be patrolling Camp Dearborn.  I have asked management to keep us in the loop in any regard.  Presumably DTE (pine knob for all you dinodeps) Meadow Brook and the plethora of mini contracts along with the Dream Cruise will still be taking place.  Not to mention coverage of vacations and vacancies.

NON-Economic contract issues

Number 1 is Kronos and how we keep our members rights protected.  This is also an issue, part and parcel, to how forced overtime works and is applied as well as how OT is awarded.  It’s been the same for my 29 plus years when OT is lean we trip over each other trying to get it.  The opposite situation results in us doing anything we can to avoid the force. I believe that OT and forcing should be equalized to the extent possible.  That’s not always an absolute science; it seldom is in any regard- nature of the beast if you will.  The equalization can and should be done fairly and equitably though.  Many of you have expressed opinions one way or the other.  By way of example. Dep. Jones works a lot in corrections and now comes into conflict with Dep. Smith who doesn’t.  Dep. Smith, who has more road hires gets bumped by Dep. Jones and Dep. Smith has an issue.  Clear as mud, right?  A patrol investigator who works OT here and there is NOT on the force list.  A member who has never worked in corrections isn’t allowed to work there.  A MCOLES certified deputy in the jail can’t work very many places on the road.  A non MCOLES deputy can direct traffic at DTE.  Deputies can’t get into dispatch to be trained as there are “too many there already” Yes…I’m planting seeds for you all to discuss.  It’s never an easy answer.  It is, however, your right as a member to vote one way or the other.  I also will encourage you to contact a Union Representative and give us some ideas of how you feel.

Economic Issues

The County will NOT be ready to explore…ahemm…any economic issues until late May when the budget is projected.  This is why we are rattling the employers cage to get the non-economic issues solved; having said that I am not expecting an easy time.  The state of 80% of our members’ retirement is crap.  The HSA compounds the putridness of it.  Quite simply put there needs to be significant changes.   I can safely and irrevocably state that any rumors you hear about pay raises, increase, decrease, changes in virtually any economic issue is just that…rumor.  Don’t fall victim to those.  As we get closer to pulling that trigger the county as a whole tends to become a giant 5th grade play ground with rumors.  Although entertaining sometimes they really don’t serve a very good purpose.


Most  of you have or will very shortly receive a letter from the OC retirement board concerning a switch of providers from ICMA and Fidelity to Prudential.  On the surface it begs a number of questions.  I have sent the letter to our attorney as well as made inquiries to Capt. Childs (he is the OCSO employee rep on the retirement board).  He encourages calls, emails to him if you do have concerns.  He has promised to send out some additional information.  I have also sent the letter to Ms. Angela Cusmano, whom a number of us use.  I will forward any information forthwith.

Important dates

  • Summer Picnic- June 23rd
  • Fall Location bump Sept. 29th (don’t even think of holding me to this LOL)
  • EB Board nominations (October GM Meeting)

Business from the floor

As we get rolling on the members only area and it gets open.  The EB is considering a paid position of “entertainment director.” Someone who has the energy to organize fund raisers, hold poker tourneys, dart games and other events to encourage camaraderie.  I have always thought a PD and FD chili cook off would be fun.  If you are interested let someone know.

Interviews for special assignments will be starting very soon.  Please, if you are interested you need to have submitted your letter of interest.  Interviews will be given to everyone meeting the minimum quals.

We continue to struggle in dispatch with the forcing.  I am confident that the EB is and will do everything possible to reduce this.  Not going to lie…it’s an uphill battle for a variety of reasons.

I’ve used enough of your time….I truly appreciate you taking the time to read this.  I know I get long winded.

Stay Safe, Stay Stong, Never Quit!!!!!

Very Truly Yours,

William Christensen
President, in and for the Oakland County Deputy Sheriff’s Association.

Posted by: TuckerJ - Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Medical Weight Loss Clinic is proud to offer the entire OCDSA Family, (members, employees, contractors, retirees,) and their immediate family members an additional 20% discount on all full program services in addition to advertised percentage discounts.  Discount is valid at any of the 30+ Michigan and Toledo, OH locations.  Visit\ocdsa or call 1-800-GET-SLIM, (1-800-438-7546,) to find the closest location.  Simply show proof of employment and ask for the OCDSA discount. FSA/HSA reimbursement assistance is available!

Medical Weight Loss Clinic provides customized non-surgical, medically-supervised weight loss services at over 30 locations throughout Michigan and Toledo, OH.  Since 1986, we have been helping patients reach their weight loss goals by providing individual guidance.  We offer several weight loss program options with and without medication.  All programs are based on regular foods easily found in grocery stores. And for those patients constantly on the run, we even offer meal replacement plans.  We guarantee your results in writing and focus on teaching you how to keep it off permanently.

Medical Weight Loss Clinic also offers Informational Sessions, Lunch and Learns and participates in Health and Wellness Events at any of the Oakland County worksites and OCDSA meetings FREE of charge. For additional information contact:

Click HERE for brochure!

Posted by: TuckerJ - Thursday, June 08, 2017

A couple of house keeping items.

The motion to reimburse members that choose to camp at Groveland Oaks on the weekend of the picnic was erroneously posted on the front page and elsewhere. That motion DID NOT pass muster and was voted down at the last General Membership meeting. (see minutes for details).

The picnic, however, is still on. Saturday June 17th at Groveland Oaks. Paradise Island. Please tell the front gate people you are with the OCDSA and they will let you in.

Fall bump…. Will take place in accordance with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, that being the closest shift change date to October 1st. The plan is, however, to implement the electronic on line bump in August/September in order to work out the kinks.

We will still be sending out paper bump slips as a backup and confirmation. We are still getting some last minute details together for the launch. Please stand by and watch for communications about this event. It will be vitally important that you participate in the “experimental” phase and use correct and accurate information.

There are NO general membership meetings throughout the summer. The next GM meeting will be the last Tuesday of September; the 26th to be exact.

The EB plans on sending the employer a letter demanding collective bargaining shortly after the first of the year. Seems a long way off; its not. If you have contract suggestions, please forward them to an EB member.

Some of you may have heard the rumor about a 3% pay raise in January. I can only offer that it is indeed in the governmental works at the commissioner’s auditorium. Keep your fingers crossed.

10/12 hours shift for command officers. It’s what I have been hearing. I will go out on a limb and say that those opportunities are still on the table for us, albeit a bit more complicated. There is NO press to do this…simply putting it out there to squash any rumors running around. There is NO plan among the OCDSA currently.

Thanks for listening … Have a great summer!!!! b.c.

Posted by: TuckerJ - Thursday, February 23, 2017

A fellow deputy has lost everything including her dog in a tragic apartment fire. Deputy Boyd is forced to start from the bottom and has absolutely nothing but the clothes on her back. Any amount of money would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your generous donations. Please keep her in your prayers!
Help spread the word!

Thanks to everyone who has donated thus far!

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