The OCDSA Executive Board sent an email out to the members, in reference to the Sheriff’s Office response to the Coronavirus and how it effects our members. If you did not get the email, you can get registered to receive them by registering on the website and within the Members Only section is a link labeled Get Added To The OCDSA Email List.

Due to the fact that the Board would like the memberships input, commenting has been turned on for this topic.

The letter has been posted in the Members Only section of our web page.

Again, if you have not received an email with a link to reset your password let Ed Wagrowski or Mark Chevalier know and we will set a default password for you.

If you register today for this website and DO NOT receive the Password Email within 10-15 minutes, let one of us know.

As always, if you do not want to register on the web page you can go to the Executive Board tab and email the Board members directly.

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