The Oakland County Board of Commissioners unanimously passed resolution #20057 which in short recognizes interest based arbitration to our members. The resolution recognized the ADOPTION OF POLICY RESPECTING THE PA 312 RIGHTS OF BARGAINING UNITS REPRESENTING PUBLIC SAFETY EMPLOYEES.

In short, this grants us the ability to negotiate on a level playing field giving us the right to be heard by a third party arbitrator should negotiations end in a stalemate. I would like to thank those members of your board for their efforts and unwavering resolve to achieve this historic resolution. None of this would have been possible without the continual “bridge building” with key players of your board, Chairman Dave Woodward and the Oakland County Board of Commissioners. I cannot stress enough the importance of each and everyone of you registering on the OCDSA website and new phone app. Equally important is your support of the OCDSA PAC fund which does not cost the membership any additional monies. It is through these available funds that we are able to successfully address the needs of our members at the County Commissioner level. This was never more clear than through tonight’s victory.

If you have not registered please log on at Once registered you will find the link to register for the phone app. Please encourage your coworkers to do the same.

Tonight was a very historic night for the membership of the OCDSA. Let’s keep up the great work and keep the momentum going forward.

Thank you,

President Tom Mance

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