Some of you may have heard already, but for those that haven’t Deputy Bob Loken has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.

There is not a person that knows Bob who wouldn’t tell you how great of a Person, Friend, Father, Husband, K9 Handler and Deputy he is. Bob is a Warriors, Warrior! Always there when someone needs it, never wavering in his commitment to his Family both personal and OCSO.

But now Bob needs our help! There has been a website made to let everyone know what they can do to help Bob & his Family. There are links to a Go Fund Me account as well as a link to sign up if you wanted to make a meal for the Loken Family.

Please CLICK HERE to show Bob & his Family how much they are loved and supported! There is also a FaceBook page started to follow Bob and his Family, in their battle against cancer.

From Bob Loken:


On day one you knocked me to the ground. But you messed up, because you knocked me on my back and when I looked up, I saw God, family, friends, co-workers, strangers, doctors, and nurses extending their hands to help me up. I’m up now and prepared for this fight, with all of you behind my family and me!

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