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November 2021

OCDSA General Membership December Meeting

Members, As everyone knows the meeting for November was cancelled and will be done in conjunction with the General Membership meeting for December.  The date for Decembers meeting is going to be the 14th of December, to avoid any conflict with the holiday weeks. Any items that were placed on the agenda for November will be placed on the agenda for December, and anyone wanting to add something to the December agenda can do so by CLICKING HERE.
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Sgt. Jay Clarkson a.k.a Mayor Of Loon Lake

Come celebrate the life of Jay Clarkson A.K.A. The Mayor of Loon Lake He loved Loon Lake and all the people on it. He worked for Oakland County Sheriff from May 1975 until he retired as a Sargent in June 2004. He then continued as a part time employee with the Sheriff’s Office until Feb 2013. A leader for the Jr. Shotgun Program at the Oakland County Sportsman Club from June 1972 to present. Come celebrate his life on Sat
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