Road Patrol 2024 Spring Bump

Bump slips are due NO LATER than March 8, 2024 at 1600 hrs. Complete your bump slip and get it to VP Roehrig at the Commerce Substation OR you can email your bump slip to him at

Bump slips were sent out to the substations.

** VP Roehrig will send you a reply to your emailed bump slip so make sure if you email your bump slip that you receive a reply back acknowledging he received it.

CLICK HERE for a copy of the spring bump slip.

Coverage on Saturday

There will be a lot of overtime available Saturday December 23rd DAY SHIFT in the jail and in Dispatch.

If you did not know Deputy Dotson personally, and you have the availability, it would mean a lot to those who work in Corrections and Dispatch if you pick up overtime so they have the opportunity to attend the funeral service.


Christmas Party Santa Photos

A message from our photographer:

Here's the link to the online gallery:

Here's the download instructions:

1.  Please go through the entire gallery.  Some of the kids came to get photos taken without their parents or were caught doing something adorable so there may be more photos you weren't aware of.

2.  Tap on a photo to open up the icons for downloading to your device. You may see a "Buy" button but skip that, you should use the download icon (box with an arrow) to get the highest resolution images. There is no charge to you from me.  Print as many as you like and in any size.  I left the images as large as I could so you could crop to your desired sizes.  Honestly, CVS & Walgreens do a great job with printing.  

3.  If you have any problems, you can text me with the photo number and I will do my best to get the images directly to you.As you will see, there are multiple images of some kids because they were so fun to photograph.  I had a blast photographing all of you.  Thank you for all you do to serve our community.Thanks to Katie for reaching out and thanks to Santa.  We couldn't do it without you!
Enjoy the holidays and be safe.


Dori Sumter

(313) 529-1600

Holiday Schedule

Deputies with permanent days of (including courts) :

The holidays will be recognized on....

Friday Dec 22nd 

Monday Dec 25th

Friday Dec 30th

Monday Jan 1st

Holiday pay will be for the above listed days as you are forced off for these 4 days.

December General Membership Meeting

The December General Membership meeting will take place on December 19th at 1600 hrs due to the up coming holidays.

All agenda requests need to be sent to Secretary Green by December 12th at

* If you took the FIT test last year and this year; you should have noticed your Fit bank increase by a day. The 4th day was given out.

** OCDSA Christmas Party Update **


The OCDSA Christmas Party will still be December 10th, however...

The OCDSA Christmas Party has a change in time frame.

The Christmas Party will now be from NOON - 6 PM !!

The RSVP to guarantee a gift for your child is still DECEMBER 1ST. After December 1st you are more than welcome to still come and have fun just please understand your child may not have a gift to open. Please send your gift ideas in your RSVP to Treasurer Suszko.

See you there!!!