Oakland County Sheriff’s Gear

If you are interested in OCSO gear, check out the post in the Members Only section.

The shop is open only to OCSO employees, which is why it is in the members only section and all orders must be in by November 30, 2020.

Oakland County Sheriff’s Gear

Not sure if every one knows, but the Sheriff’s has authorized another OCSO merchandise store, which closes November 30.

If you are interested in ordering anything you can CLICK HERE.

Two important things to keep in mind, This online store is offered ONLY to Oakland County Sheriff personnel and in order to buy items, members have to sign the Sheriff’s waiver form.

The form is on the website and needs to be signed at closing the purchase. Hilton screening will forward the signed waiver to Chip Schultz.

Any questions feel free to Email Chip Schultz

OCDSA Political Action Committee Fund

The Oakland County Deputy Sheriff’s Association Political Action Committee, or OCDSA-PAC, is an important component of the legislative representation OCDSA provides its members. The OCDSA-PAC will support the election of candidates that support the issues that are important to the members and their families.

If you are interested in helping the PAC Committee , please fill out the following form, PAC Consent Form,  and return it to a OCDSA Board Member.

Just like it says on the form, this is NOT a dues increase. It is just simply taking $10 from the current deduction and putting it into a fund to help candidates that support issues the OCDSA sees are important to members.

Additional Covid Testing Dates

Further, Testing for Covid – 19 voluntarily will also be available next week the following dates and times:

Wednesday May 27, 2020

0600 to 0800 hours

1400 to 1600 hours

Friday May 29, 2020

0600 to 0800 hours

1400 to 1600 hours

To schedule and appointment for testing:

  • Call the CMG First Responder hotline number (248) 384 – 8326. Outside of normal business hours, leave a message, and someone will ball back the next business morning.
  • Specifically identify that you are an employee of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office and wish to participate in the on-site testing at the Jail. Aramark, FM&O employees, and any other ancillary employees should state who they work for, that they work inside the Jail, and need an appointment at the Jail.
  • Provide name, date of birth, address, phone, email, and insurance information. Please have your insurance card ready to provide necessary information.
  • You will be given a specific time within the allotted windows of time for testing.
  • There is no out-of-pocket expense for any employee.

Walk-in Covid Testing

Nasal Swab testing and Throat Swab testing are available.

Testing is available on the following dates and times at the Main Jail Training Room.

Wednesday May 20, 2020

0600 to 0800 hours

1400 to 1600 hours

Friday May 22, 2020

0600 to 0800 hours

1400 to 1600 hours

OCSO Covid Testing

Good evening members,

I am writing to you tonight, to explain a few issues/questions that arose out of the last two notices from the Sheriff dated May 14th and 15th.

In the first notice there was mention of new policies expected soon related to time off, vacations, etc.

This, I am told is tied directly to the most up to date Health Department guidelines and Governor’s Executive Orders.

Also, mentioned was their intention to start mandatory testing all Corrections and Court personnel to ensure no one is positive even if they are asymptomatic. This was to take place on-site and while on duty.

Prior to the delivery of the second notice, I had discussions with the Undersheriff, who relaxed their initial plan somewhat, in that there are now two tests offered (Throat and swab). In addition, the test is now voluntary as opposed to mandatory. However, I was told if there is minimal participation tomorrow the 20th or on May 22nd, the testing could become mandatory again.

Per the Undersheriff, if any Command Officer or Deputy tests positive, they will not be permitted to work for periods determined by the Health Division and will be place on WORKER’S COMPENSATION.

Chief Steward Boudreau inquired with our Union Attorney, who stated the following;

We can request, which we did, with the impact of instituting such a test, for example, how it will be conducted, the use of results, etc. But the decision to conduct the test is within management’s rights. I do not recommend refusing such an order, unless a member has a documented medical reason that substantial harm would result from submitting to such test. In view of (1) the reason for such testing-the health and safety of the member and fellow members, (2) the relatively non-intrusive nature of the test and (3) the extraordinary circumstances that exist with the pandemic, it is within management rights to undertake the testing.

If you should have any further questions, please reach out to any one of the board members.

T. Mance- President

Thank you and be safe

Hazard Pay Extension


Some people have reached out and were wondering about the Hazard Pay we have been receiving, during this pandemic.

Oakland County has advised The Executive Board that the Hazard Pay will continue to May 28, 2020, which is when the Governer has extended her Executive Order until. Any further extension of the Hazard Pay will be discussed, if the need arises.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask, the Executive Board can be reached by Clicking Here.

2020 OCDSA Family Picnic – RESCHEDULED


We have been informed, due to the current situation, that Oakland County Parks are not opening their campgrounds until June 25th. With our original picnic date of June 20, we had to pick a different date.

The OCDSA Family Picnic has been rescheduled to August 29th and camping will be open as well.

Any questions please contact Treasurer Eric Rymarz.

App Push Notifications & Other Questions


It has been brought up that some Apple users are not receiving the "Push Notifications", I would ask that everyone double check their settings on their device, both in the General Alert Settings and the settings for the App Notifications itself. I have both an android and an iPhone and when I have sent out Push Notifications it comes across both devices.

Also, some havae asked "How do I read what the Notification is about without having to surf through the App or go into the "Profile". When I send out a Notification I set the banner to open up directly to the Article, so all you have to do is click on the banner on your phone or in the pull-down menu.

I encourage anyone if you have any problems, please Shoot Me A Text or Email Me.

I also check the comments for the App and website, so feel free to post your questions in the comment sections.


Ed Wagrowski

Message From OCDSA President

It is my hope that this update finds you in good health. 
Recent weeks have placed demands upon each one of us that are unique to our experience and I am proud of the way that we have responded to the challenges. 
I want to update you with some information and put some fears to rest.  
To coincide with Governor Whitmer’s Executive Orders, the County has extended the “hazard pay” for front-line workers until May 15th.  Sheriff’s Office employees will continue to be paid at a rate of 1.35 for all hours worked up to 80 in a regular pay period.  Any hours worked in excess of 80 in a regular pay period will be paid at 1.5.  
Rumors are circulating regarding the possibility of lay-offs resulting from the financial burden that responding to  the COVID crisis has placed on County resources. 
I have spoken with our Command as well as with officials at the County and to date there has been no discussion regarding laying off members of our bargaining units. As with everything else associated with the pandemic response, things can change rapidly. 
Your Executive Board will keep you advised of those changes as warranted.  
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact an Executive Board member