OCDSA Membership Summer Picnic

Don't forget to mark your calendars for the picnic which will take place on June 10, 2023 starting at 11am on Paradise Island at Groveland Oaks County Park in Holly. Check out a flyer coming soon to your work location. If you have any questions, please reach out to a Executive Board member.

We have lots of new members that have never been to this event. It really is an awesome time for your families with LOTS of prizes to win. This is the largest event that the OCDSA puts on every year so come on out and enjoy a day with your family and your coworkers at Groveland Oaks.

There will be a few slight changes to the OCDSA summer picnic rules this year.

First and foremost, the members that are working days and afternoons on June 10, 2023 will be able to purchase tickets for the raffle (must be in Kronos).

The only caveat to that that is that you must give your money to a member who is attending to purchase the tickets AND that member MUST be able to take the prize for you. Any prizes that are left at the end of the picnic will be auctioned off to the next winner.

Secondly, there will be a limit of $150 in tickets sold per member this year.

Road Patrol Bump


Spring shift bump will take place on Saturday, April 8.

We will be getting bump slips out to the road patrol some time this week. You may also print this slip.

Please make sure Melissa Garrard receives your slip no later than March 10.

CLICK HERE to download.

The OCDSA Monthly Newsletter January 2023

Happy New Year!

Meet your board…

President - Thomas Mance:
Email: ocdsapresident231@gmail.com
Phone: 248-202-5429
Work Location: Independence Twp – DB

Road Vice President - Melissa Garrard
Email: ocdsaroadvp434@gmail.com
Phone: 810-444-4723
Work Location: Independence Twp - DB

Corrections Vice President - Jenna Berg
Email: bergjocdsa@gmail.com
Phone: 248-978-2580
Work Location: Main Jail
Assigned Shift: Midnights
Overtime Sightings: mostly days some noons splits
Preferred method of Contact: email or text

Chief Steward – Robert Molter
Email: ocdsacs1@gmail.com
Phone: 248-296-0468
Work Location: Main Jail
Assigned Shift: Days
Overtime Sightings: Midnights in the Jail and/or Dispatch
Preferred method of Contact: phone call for “immediate issues” or email for questions and/or other topics

Alternate Chief Steward – Ryan Summers
Email: rsummersocdsa@gmail.com
Phone: 810-922-4828
Work Location: Mail Jail
Assigned Shift: Midnights
Overtime Sightings: When forced to Days
Preferred method of Contact: text, phone or email

Treasurer – Eric Rymarz
Email: ocdsatreasurer@yahoo.com
Phone: 248-670-2188
Work Location: 416 Traffic
Assigned Shift: Afternoons
Overtime Sightings: Days including Dispatch

Secretary – Katie Green
Email: katiegreenocdsa@gmail.com
Phone: 248-467-7998
Work Location: Main Jail – South End Transport
Assigned Shift: Days
Overtime Sightings: Mostly afternoons with some weekend Midnights
Preferred method of Contact: text, email, phone call

Happy Retirement:
Thomas Bisio / Fire Investigator – 27 years
Christos Kyriakides / Main Jail D1 – 25 years

• Do not forget to get your letter of interest in and send a copy to katiegreenocdsa@gmail.com or ktgreen07@yahoo.com or greenkl@oakgov.com

Next General Membership meeting is January 31st at 1600 hrs.

Ways to get official information from the union board:

  1. Website : ocdsa.com
  2. App for iphone and android users
  3. Official Facebook page
  4. Personal email – make sure you get your personal email to VP Berg at bergjocdsa@gmail.com
    There is also an unofficial Facebook page created by fellow members.

Coming Soon: A YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!!

Feel Free to contact Secretary Green if you have something you would like added to a monthly newsletter!

See you at the meeting!

OCDSA General Membership January 2023 Meeting

THe General Membership meeting will be Tuesday, January 31st 2023 at 4PM. Location of the meeting is the OCDSA Union Hall 581 W. Kennett Rd, Pontiac, MI 48341.

If there is something you wanted added to the agenda, click HERE.

OCDSA EB Election Results 2023 / 2024

Tom Mance - 160
Jason Marshall - 140
Robert Liddell - 102

VP - Road Patrol
Melissa Garrard - 203
Marco Koki - 186

VP - Corrections
Jenna Berg - 306
Heater Pender - 86

Chief Steward
Gary Boudreau - 157
Robert Molter - 243

Alt. Chief Steward
Ty Branscum - 149
Ryan Summers - 240

Quion Wheeler - 80
Katie Green - 184
James Boomer - 139

Eric Rymarz - 315
Greg Tait - 90

Retirement & Personnel Appeal Board Candidates


Everyone should be getting ballots in the mail for Oakland County Retirement Board, as well as Personnel Appeal Board.

Below are candidates that are running and have very supportive toward causes the OCDSA has been pushing toward, they all are pro-employee and pro-union.

Ballots should be arriving soon at your homes and are encouraged to vote for the following candidates.

Personnel Appeal Board

Barry Lepler

Robert F. Paul III

Retirement Board

Joe Rozell

Election Ballots & Envelopes

OCDSA Members,

If you received your ballot and it's missing a return envelope please contact one of the election committee members. We will get you a return envelope.

There has been some discussion about not having a second envelope in the packet to place your ballot into and then put that into the envelope with your name on it. When we count the votes I can assure you your vote will be confidential.

The plan when we count the votes will be this.

We will take your envelope, read the name on the envelope and then check your name off the seniority list.

At that point the returned envelope will be opened and your folded ballot will be placed into a box. Your empty opened envelope will be placed in a second box.

After we do this process to all the envelopes that are returned to us we will then unfold one ballot at a time and count the votes. This process is slow and will take probably four hours but this will guarantee your votes will be confidential.

If you are still concerned you can place your ballot inside an additional envelope and we will place that envelope unopened into the box with the other ballots. We will then open the blank envelope as we count the ballots.

We will count the votes on December 8th at 6pm at the union hall. This is open to all members. Please attend if you have any concerns.


Eric DeLanoy
Cassandra Neynaber
Crystal Lemke