Your bump slips are due this FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2023! Bump slips need to be turned into VP Garrard. If your substation is taking a collection and one person is handing them over please have that person make contact with VP Garrard so she can get the bump slips. Currently, there are several slips not turned in.


Get your KRONOS done! Bump is also Due this FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2023.

Bump Slips DUE August 25th

Hello Everyone,

If you haven't received your bump slip yet, you should be very shortly. Remember they are due August 25th and EVERYONE must fill one out.

If you do not receive one you can CLICK HERE for a copy, which can be used and just make sure you make a copy for your records.

Any questions, please contact anyone from the Executive Board.

Aviation Unit Challenge Coins

They have finally arrived if interested, Aviation Challenge Coins.

See Bill Christensen or Phil Heckman- Aviation, Jen Downey - Rochester Hills, Adam Ward - Complex , Sgt Chris Miller - Patrol Services

Coins are $10.00 a piece. and willl not be sent through inter-departmental mail, but try to meet each person personally.

If a number of people at a work location want one. Get a group order in and have someone pick them up or meet-up any of the above listed people.

You can swing by Aviation's hanger at Oakland COunty International Airport, but make sure you let someone know you are coming to pick up so there is someone able to meet .

Maven by Midfield - Hanger 2
6544 Highland Rd, Waterford


Road Patrol Bump DUE SOON!!!

Road Patrol:

This is a reminder that your bump slips are due this Wednesday, March 10.

Also, we are attempting to do a Kronos bump at the same time as a trial run. Some substations have completed this but many have not. Please talk to your coworkers who may not see this and help them sign into Kronos and complete the bidding process.

If anyone has any questions, concerns or constructive criticism please contact me directly. I appreciate your cooperation with this. I know it’s new and different but I’m doing my best to move bump into a a format that is open, transparent, and objective. I know our members have been requesting this and I am trying to accommodate them.

Again the paper bump slips will be the deciding factor for bump. The Kronos bidding is just a trial run that we are doing consecutively to test the program.

Thanks again for helping me with this.

Melissa Garrard

OCDSA VP Road Patrol

You Can Help The OCDSA Family Benevolent Fund


The OCDSA Family Benevolent Fund would like to make everyone aware of how you can help raise money for the Family Benevolent Fund, simply by shopping on Amazon!

CLICK HERE to begin shopping on Amazon Smiles. Amazon will then donate money to the OCDSA FBF at zero cost to you!

Or, you can also simply search "Amazon Smile", log in and then set your organization to " Oakland County Deputy Sheriffs Association Family Benevolent Fund".

Thank you for continued support!

OCDSA Family Benevolent Fund

Oakland Police Academy


For those who want to attend the Oakland Police Academy which starts February 2, 2021, we are doing the same as last time.

Letters and qualifications are due January 15th and interviews will start January 18 - 21, promotions will be January 22nd!

Melissa Garrard

OCDSA VP Road Patrol

Letters Of Interest


Don't forget all Letters of Interest MUST be resubmitted at the start of the new year!

All Letters of Interest must be submitted to Administrative Services and if you are concerned of a letter getting lost, you can send a copy to ocdsainformation@gmail.com and I will keep a printed copy in case of any discrepancy that may arise.

Ed Wagrowski

OCDSA Secretary