Deputy Chris Cadotte Go-Fund Me

Deputy Christopher Cadotte is a great friend, partner, and officer who is facing the biggest challenge of his life. We need to band together to help him with expenses as he is facing, mounting bills and no income during this difficult time.

Deputy Cadotte will be given the entire amount raised to use as he sees fit, whether it be legal fees or for living expenses.

Let’s show Chris how much we support him by CLICKING HERE!!!

OCDSA-PAC Fund Information

There is a saying in politics, “you’re either at the table or on the menu.”
Author unknown.

The Oakland County Deputy Sheriff’s Association Political Action Committee or OCDSA-PAC is an important component of the political representation OCDSA provides its members. The PAC fund is a separate fund created from the individual contributions from the membership. Your contributions to this fund help the campaigns of local politicians who have displayed an interest in our members’ and their families.

Two recent examples were the award of “Binding Arbitration and Hazard Pay.” Neither would have been possible without the relationships that have been built between the County Executive, his staff and key members of the Board of Commissioners. On a straight party line vote every Republican on the Board voted to end our hazard pay. Through the relationships we have fostered, not only were we able to hang onto the hazard pay, we were able to maintain the 1.35%. Going into the meeting we were told the pay was dropping to 1.25%.

State law requires that the OCDSA-PAC receive written permission from each member authorizing the transfer of monies from the general fund to the PAC fund. Participation is strictly voluntary. By signing the form, you are authorizing a maximum of ten dollars be transferred to the PAC fund.


Please fill out the form, Click Here, and get it to a Union Board member. Your participation in the PAC is vital to its success.

Thank You for your participation.

Gary Boudreau
Chief Steward/PAC Chair

Honor to the Badge by Justin Rose


Justin wrote a song titled “Honor to the Badge” and he reached out to me asking how to get it to everyone, since he has fielded a large number of calls on how to download it. 

So, since so many people were asking for it…Click here to download.

After clicking the hyperlink, click the 3 dots next to sound bar and hit download.

By the way, this is a great song. VERY well done Justin!

OCDSA Political Action Committee Fund

The Oakland County Deputy Sheriff’s Association Political Action Committee, or OCDSA-PAC, is an important component of the legislative representation OCDSA provides its members. The OCDSA-PAC will support the election of candidates that support the issues that are important to the members and their families.

If you are interested in helping the PAC Committee , please fill out the following form, PAC Consent Form,  and return it to a OCDSA Board Member.

Just like it says on the form, this is NOT a dues increase. It is just simply taking $10 from the current deduction and putting it into a fund to help candidates that support issues the OCDSA sees are important to members.

Letter from April Lynch, Deputy County Executive

April 17, 2020

Dear Oakland County Deputy Sheriff’s Association Union Members:

 Words cannot express our sincere gratitude for your work on the front lines. We truly appreciate your commitment to our residents and this organization. As you know Governor Gretchen Whitmer extended the Stay Safe Stay Home Order from April 14 to April 30, 2020. We are committed to continuing hazard pay during this time period.

 When we originally started hazard pay for this pandemic, I don’t think anyone expected the depth of this illness and the length of time we would be under this order. In our effort to continue to provide hazard pay, we lowered hazard pay slightly from time and a half to time and one third as we navigate the financial impact that this pandemic is having on more than personnel. Clearly, we are in a marathon and not a sprint and we continue to support your commitment on the front lines.

 To align more with the payroll schedule you will see your hazard pay move from 1.5 per hour to 1.35 per hour on April 11, 2020, but we will extend the hazard pay until May 2, 2020 to make up for the three days that should have been at 1.50.

 Again, thank you and I wish you and your families continued health. You are the reason we are Oakland Together!


 April M. Lynch