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Political Action Committee

Mission Statement

To endorse and strive for the improvement of government by encouraging, and providing the opportunity for OCDSA members to take a more active role in political and governmental activities that affect the citizens of Oakland County and the State of Michigan.

To grant support for the election of candidates for elected offices, including: State House, State Senate, Governor, County Commissioners, Sheriff, and local Court Judges. The OCDSA-PAC may also disburse funds to caucus committees, political party committees, and other organizations that may support our issues.

The Oakland County Deputy Sheriff’s Association Political Action Committee, or OCDSA-PAC, is an important component of the legislative representation OCDSA provides its members. A PAC fund is a special, separate fund created from the personal contributions of an organization’s members and outside contributors. (Michigan Campaign Finance Act) Monies from this special fund are used to help pay the campaign expenses for candidates that are running for elected office. OCDSA’s PAC was created to provide our members, who are interested in the future of law enforcement and corrections, with an avenue to contribute to the support of worthy candidates for office. Participation is voluntary and contributions are not tax-deductible. Federal law requires that the OCDSA- PAC receive permission from its members before we are able to solicit contributions, and deduct a set amount per paycheck. Unfortunately, Oakland County Personnel will not deduct separate funds for our PAC, they will only deduct extra union dues and transfer one whole dollar amount to the General Fund. If you would like to contribute to OCDSA- PAC, or if you have fundraising ideas or are a motivated ‘people person’, and are interested in becoming involved with OCDSA’s PAC, please contact a Department of Governmental Relations (or Union) member.

Michigan Campaign Finance Act

Under the Michigan Campaign Finance Act, the Michigan Department of State (MDOS) receives campaign finance disclosure statements from the committees of all individuals who are candidates for state-level offices and all judicial offices. Political action committees (PACs) which support or oppose candidates where the candidate's district is in more than one county are also required to file disclosure reports with the MDOS.

A labor organization must establish a 'separate segregated fund' and register it as a 'committee' in order to receive or spend any money to influence voters for or against the nomination or election of a candidate in Michigan. As soon as a 'person' (labor organization) reaches a $500 threshold, it has 10 calendar days to form and register a 'committee' under the Act.