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This form is for use by any member that would like to submit an article to the OCDSA Deputy Newsletter Committee. If you want your article considered for publication in our newsletter, please make sure you fill out the form correctly with valid information. If you fail to include your work location and/or valid contact information, your article will be rejected.

Any member of the OCDSA is welcome to submit an article for consideration in the newsletter, and even those employees of the County of Oakland and/or Office of the Sheriff are welcome, as well. The Deputy Newsletter Committee will consider all articles submitted to us, so don’t hesitate to send us yours. Simply highlight the text of your article, right-click and select “copy,” then right click in the Article Body field below and select “paste.” We do not accept attachments or files of any type, so you must use the copy/paste method to submit your article.

Please contact the website administrator if you experience any difficulty.

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Road VP

Congratulations to Deputy Roehrig as he is our new Vice President of Road Patrol.

***** Road Patrol Fall Bump Slip *****

Please read the bottom of the Bump Slip for instructions. Bump Slips are due by August 25, 2023. Fall bump is a location bump. Click here to get your Bump