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Oakland County Deputy Sheriff's Association

What The OCDSA Does

The Oakland County Deputy Sheriff’s Association represents the interests of the over 750 men and women who serve the public as employees of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.  The Association acts as a bargaining agent to secure fair wages, hours and working conditions, as a representative for employees in disciplinary matters, and as a means to foster professional, charitable and fraternal relationships amongst our members and the community.

TheBenevolent Fund’s primary focus is to provide temporary assistance with meeting daily subsistence (living) expenses, and medical and prescription expenses that exceed insurance coverage brought about by serious illness, an accident, or the death of the primary source of family income. The Fund also assists cases where applicants are facing financial hardships due to onset of natural disasters.

what's news


Members, Just to remind everyone.  Bump for the JAIL and DISPATCH is set for April 11. ROAD PATROL is delayed and will take effect APRIL 25.

UPDATE- Deputies entering temperatures into Telestaff.

Originally titled "OCDSA Meeting With Captain Childs" Due to sensitive information in this article, it has been placed in the Members section. Please log in to read information from OCDSA

New Employee Assistance Provider – Encompass

Members, Oakland County Employee Assistance Program has transitioned from Ulliance to Encompass. Encompass has some very useful resources to manage stress and well-being. A new page has been added to

New benefit honors fallen Oakland County Sheriff Deputy Eric Overall

With everything that is going on around us, our friends on the Oakland County Board of Commissioners passed the Eric Overall Memorial Death Benefit. The Deputies of the Oakland County

COVID-19 OCSO Protocol

Members, There has been a final protocol put into place for all employees of the OCSO. Due to possibly sensitive information, please log in to the OCDSA website or check


Please see the MEMBERS ONLY section for an important update from the Executive Board. If you are having trouble login in contact Ed Wagrowski or Mark Chevalier

Download OCDSA’s App for your smartphone

OCDSA Members, we now have and app for both Apple and Android smartphones. QR code is provided below. For the app YOU MUST USE NON-COUNTY EMAIL. If you do not,

Message from the Peer Support Program

Everyone, the Peer Support Program is a very useful resource for anyone who may ever need their assistance. I reached out to Lt. Todd Hill  and asked him to pass