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Oakland County Deputy Sheriff's Association

What The OCDSA Does

The Oakland County Deputy Sheriff’s Association represents the interests of the over 750 men and women who serve the public as employees of the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.  The Association acts as a bargaining agent to secure fair wages, hours and working conditions, as a representative for employees in disciplinary matters, and as a means to foster professional, charitable and fraternal relationships amongst our members and the community.

OCDSA Family Benevolent Fund

The Benevolent Fund’s primary focus is to provide temporary assistance with meeting daily subsistence (living) expenses, and medical and prescription expenses that exceed insurance coverage brought about by serious illness, an accident, or the death of the primary source of family income. The Fund also assists cases where applicants are facing financial hardships due to onset of natural disasters.

what's news

OCDSA Picnic Prize Winners

The 2020 OCDSA Summer Picnic Covid Style has concluded. The winners of the raffle drawing are HERE. Prizes can be picked up at the OCDSA Union Hall on the following dates:

OCDSA September 2020 General Membership Meeting

Members, According to OCDSA By-Laws, General Membership meetings are resuming this month. The meeting is always the last Tuesday of the Month, this month that will be September 29, 2020

OCS Breast Cancer Awareness T-Shirt

Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. The Breast Cancer Awareness Month, marked in countries across the world every October, helps to increase attention and support for the awareness, early detection


Due to Governor Whitmer's order that does not allow groups of over 100 people to gather outside, we are being forced to CANCEL the 2020 OCDSA Summer Picnic at Groveland

OCDSA Union Meeting September 29, 2020

Your Executive Board is still available for questions or whatever you may need from them but, in keeping with Article XVI, Section 1 of the By-Laws (...there shall be no

OCDSA Union Meeting May 26, 2020

This meeting has been CANCELED in keeping with the Governors Executive Order. According to the By-Laws (Article XVI, Section 1) there are no General Membership meeting held during the summer

OCDSA Union Meeting April 28, 2020

The General Membership Meeting, scheduled for April 28th, has been cancelled. This measure is in keeping with Governor Whitmer's order issued which prohibits gatherings of any size outside of a

Tuesday, March 31, 2020 Meeting

The General Membership Meeting, scheduled for March 31st, has been cancelled.  This measure is in keeping with Governor Whitmer's order issued today which prohibits gatherings of any size outside of